thursday already / not yet!

i have a hard time coming to terms with the passing of time. sometimes it is just too quick and sometimes it is unbearably slow. i guiltlessly await friday from the start of monday morning. and then i panic when the end of the week comes along and i cant think of 4 productive things that ive done with myself. i realize that i need to discover the beauty on monday mornings.. but next week. because now i am basking in the loveliness of thursday, my favourite day of the week. not yet the weekend but still past mid-week. it is the perfect middle day to have one last chance to do something unique and memory-worth with this week. i just need to change my view. pick out what i find abhorring about mondays and turn it around. next week i will find something excellent and inspiring about monday morning, waking up early after a weekend of sleep-ins and pancake breakfasts (without maple syrup).

i finally put myself down on the sofa to sew some heart brooches which will be up in etsy tonight. promise promise. this time i tucked a little clove inside to give it that hint of spice which i love. there are three and i hope they can arrive in time for sweethearts day next month.


  1. What? Pancakes without maple syrup? ;)
    I must say that Thursdays are the best...well, after Saturday mornings!

  2. Anonymous14:16

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  3. Hey!

    This book with the illustrations look brilliant. You should definitely publish it. Those drawings are awesome. Reminds me the Winnie the Pooh book's illustrations. :)

  4. Katie... must have a heart broach to add to my wardrobe. Love it!
    Alas! Paypal doesn't recognize Thailand as a country :S.
    Could you send one to me at my Thai address, though I'm not allowed to write that as my address?


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