etsy update and a night around town.

last night i finally got my act together and listed three red heart brooches on etsy. i really need to spend more time crafting and sewing but it always gets pushed away since there is always something else to do around here.. you know that feeling? but i should really set some time in the evenings to sew around a little bit.

last night some friends and i went around kiraly utca (king street) to hang up posters for a valentines buddhist lecture  going on in a couple of weeks and just popping our heads into so many bars and cafes to see if they had an events board. i discovered so many cool places last night just around the corner from my house here! i am always impressed at the grungy underground scene in budapest. there is a really great creative feel to this neighbourhood and in the day time you would never guess there are bars around, all gated up with the iron shutters down but in the night, lights and beats pour out in the street with eccentric artist-type kids hanging around outside. we found a few really cool places to go back to, at some we couldnt resist hanging around for a beer to warm up before continuing the postering and flyering.

excuse the camera-phone quality of the photographs, but i think the grainyness is suitable to the ambiance of the bar, mumus (boogey man in english)...

a very old bicycle in our stairwell

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