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sipping coffee this afternoon and looking through my calendar. thinking and planning. i very easily filled all of my vacation days for this year with plans already. a week in greece in the summertime to camp on top of a wild mountain. a few extended weekends in the hungarian hills. to spain in may to revisit my old spanish stomping grounds: granada, malaga, karma guen. spain will never leave my heart alone. in the fall i plan to spend more time in vienna, more time in austria. a weekend in romania. i love just roaming around to visit friends and inevitably make strangers into friends along the way too. there is no time to go to canada this year. no money either. 

i told my family to come here instead. send my things in boxes i want to stay here. making life work here.

this is what i came up with when my coffee cup was finally empty and i was thinking about budapest and hungarian life:

hungary is in a perfect location. it sits on the line between east and west.. central europe they call it. austria and germany are within hitchhike distance away and from here the east is very near. 2 hours to romania. 2 hours to vienna. even this city, budapest, is a strange romantic city. its a little mysterious. graffiti tags everywhere, some good but most are really bad. its a strange composition with the stone lions and bridges that reach across the danube, castles and old palaces and forgotten synagogues really give this city a peculiar character. 

i read recently in an english event guide someone describe budapest as an italian roast coffee: it is bold, has a great aroma, tastes good but still leaves a sting in your mouth afterwards with its bitter aftertaste. 

apart from its history, this city is still one of the undiscovered treasures on the infamous eurotrip and im kind of glad. budapest is ours still. i like this a lot. its not long though, its still cheap to visit but you can feel the prices rising and the pressure to take the euro on instead of the forint. 

some even feel the need to spray-paint snowmen with their tag..

this snowman lives in front of our house
the joys of living on a pedestrian street

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