muffins for breakfast.

slowly i am buying things for our kitchen here. we survived with one pot for two months and finally we acquired another one from granny so that we can make tea and soup at the same time. its really revolutionized our cooking. so now i picked up a muffin tin yesterday night and i am hyped to make the first batch tonight for breakfast tomorrow.

any favourite muffin recipes? i found a simple oat and date one that looks promising but i have a freezer ( albeit a very small one) full of frozen cherries that id like the make a dent in.

i havent had any time to sit down and write or sew since being away for the weekend put me waaaaay out of my usual loop and i finally have a chance to catch up now. its incredible how quick time goes when you keep yourself busy.. it is already wednesday tomorrow. is it possible i have slept the last two days through my office work? it just seems like a blur of word documents, spreadsheets and some html codes i didnt understand.

i love this photograph from unruly things , i am excited for valentine's day already. just the thought of chocolates and cooking a special dinner makes me excited. and little holidays like this always sneak up way too quick on me that i never have time to plan anything special. but this year i will be prepared!

UPDATE: here are the tasty muffins...

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