weekend trip: vienna

the calm morning after

last night a friend offered two free spaces in her car to vienna for the weekend. i couldnt possibly think of a reason not to go. so here we go, off to vienna for two nights and a little break from the sometimes dreary, salty, and muddy wintery budapest. i dont doubt that vienna is the same in wintertime but we are looking forward to practicing our german with hopeless austrian accents, meeting some new friends and visiting the ludwig museum. its been almost two years since i was last in vienna, so i think there is some major art i need to catch up on. i have a hunch there will be an etsy update early next week. here are some photographs from the last time i found myself in this city

matisse - man with many pipes

old shoes in a mirror's reflection


  1. Oh wow, when you are in Montreal stuff like that don't happen. Except for Ottawa (kinda boring city) and Toronto (and it takes 7 hours to drive there) there is no cool city to visit just for a weekend. I'm so jealous!

  2. but you live in montreal! one of my favourite cities in canada. i definitely agree on ottawa... definitely boring.


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