starting to sew a little this and a little that.

i drew up these little instructions for a felt heart brooch for valentine's day that i came up with while watching a darling little film/documentary on love. if you haven't seen paper heart i definitely recommend it. i am certain you will laugh and learn a thing or two about love.

last night after work i took the metro down to the yarn shop i often visit just before it closed to pick up some nice felt and some brooch clips. i got talking with the owner there, who speaks very good english which is why i like to go there now, and he told me that they offer quilting classes upstairs. i though, cool! sign me up! he told me quite quickly that there is a 6-month waiting list to get into one of their classes. either quilting is excessively popular in budapest or their class space is too small. i put my name on the list anyway and we'll see if what happens in half year from now.

so i sewed up the first version of this little felt brooch. and this is what i came up with. i cringed as i really cut up a doily i brought from canada, just in case a cool project came up. it seems a little sacrilegious to cut doilies or lace but i only spent 50 cents on it at a christian benefit shop so i didnt feel so terribly bad.

for the sake of valentine's day!


  1. It is so cute. Lovely detail :)

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