sitting in the mood to knit now. the windows are fogged up from the heaters and the warmth inside. i am still waiting for mister frost's arrival on the panes but no signs yet. the evenings get dark early so i am crawling home from the metro after office work in the dark. i thought at one point it was getting lighter, but i think it was just my imagination. i am inspired by these knitted cowls that wrap around. i forgot my cowl in my closet at home, not really thinking about winter in october when i was packing. so it might be time to knit another one. waiting for the free days to do so, holidays are good for that, catching up on reading and all the sewing that has seemed to pile up on my desk. (how does that happen?)

c/o yarnovermovement

c/o wicksten made

in any case, ive got some new needles from granny in chakvar so theres nothing left to do except make a trip to the yarn store before heading back to fehervar in a few days and making sure there is enough to finish one. or two. or three. i have really left no time for making gifts this year, usually i have started this in october but somehow my lists and supplies got mixed up and lost and im scattering around looking for strings, fabric, glue and time. advent? wayyy behind.

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