back in budapest from the countryside. this time we drove in and saved money on the train. 
box of belgium truffles and gerbeau cakes. soups and canned peaches from granny. we have now a cupboard full of cookies and treats. i knitted knitted the last two days and need some more wool now. waiting for the shops to open after their holiday sleeps. 

new skirt forgotten in the attic from a long time ago. silk slip inside and flowers flowers. two nighties from an age past and gone but i will remodel them for some summer dresses when i get my hands on a sewing machine again. 

i am already anticipating the warmer weather to come even though it seems that winter has only just begun. a small bout of warm wind and thaw gave me a little hope that spring will be beautiful and the summer ever more beautiful. in the mean time soup for lunch and tea in the afternoon. wool socks on my feet and a scarf around my neck.

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