a slight mist and the mulled wine merchants open their carts. bright lights and ceramic mugs. borg borg/wine wine. twinkle lights. closed signs turn on their strings. open they read. alas. finally. once a year and the time is here. the christmas market is open. advent windows will be revealed every day on the gerbeau cafe and cake house. santa makes his round in the crowd, gifting children's faces with a smile and a pocket-ful of hope for the holiday season. all i want is to sip hot cocoa with a peppermint stick and watch reindeer films and dancing snowmen on the screen. tinny tunes blaring from laptop speakers and recycled red and green paper from last year's gift giving, twine for ribbon. to see trees alight in winter windows, walking by on the sidewalk through a neighbourhood. i dont think is possible here but reminds me of canada. 

trinkets and toys, handmade crafts and artisans trying to keep warm by space-heaters behind their small collections of goods. i want to support each and every one of them only for being here everyday of december. 


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