market day today. tesco day today. pizza in the oven. finally found some spinach at the market and homemade dough from yesterday means pizza on saturday afternoon with mozzarella, pesto, and deer sausage on david's half. mmm. almost ready. we got also speakers which makes music in our apartment more pleasant than when its desperately trying to blare unsuccessfully from the laptop speakers. 

we are the happy recipients of free depeche mode tickets when they come in january here to budapest. super cool. knowing people that know people is cool and completely unexpected. 

sketchbook working today and some reading. here is the latest. // weaving and collage.

also drinking tea and eating little cookies from a bakery in the market. the first time i tried the almond ones i immediately knew what christmas tasted like. so sweet and a little soft. brings me to a craving for turron. i am almost pulled into a trip to spain with the only goal of obtaining a box of these beloved cookies. i really do judge a country's culture on the tastiness of their cookies and cakes. hungary is doing really well so far. layered cakes with poppy seed and walnut filling are coming into season and i cannot wait for holiday baking with david's grannies in the village. 

happy saturday.

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