advent is here. happy first of december. 
one chocolate down, twenty four more to go. 

hanna has an idea that i would like to steal, its a drawing advent, one drawing a day until christmas. so cool. see her joulukalenteri here. seems however that i am already a day behind, maybe next year? or i start to create really quick, only 18 more minutes of december first on my watch now..


in the seagull again, a larger coffee and no more soda water. "j'etais un fleur," she says, hardly audible, maybe not even french at all. she is muttering with an empty coffee cup in front of her. the jazz sings in the background, a mellow touch to the keys and a clarinet hums. smoke in the air, doesnt bother me. lamp art on the wall. i think the muttering lady speaks also german. bike still in the hallway and there is still rain outside. old news--papers in hungarian and an adult comic magazine clutter the shelf in the corner. all i can think of are the unread articles, is it possible that any published articles go unread?

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