the IT crowd, slowly morphing, slowly morphing

ten days since my last post. ouch. sorry.

my enthusiasm and inspiration is being slowly sucked out of me by a 9-5 schedule but in no way do i merit a complaint. i enjoy the window i face on the third floor, looking out on post-communist blocks of flats, an abandoned square of space where i can imagine a building once stood. only thorns and thistles remain. greyed brick from smog and clouds. i am blogging and writing for eight hours a day, a very cool proposition. learning my way around blog platforms and html codes i have never felt so techy. in the evenings i rush home to kisses and the i.t. crowd. season after season, i am addicted to the lame computer jokes and how much i am reminded of my brother in high school. back at work the next morning, i look through the glass of the content writer's space to the rest of the floor. little mole eyes staring deep into the monitors, little circle glasses, wool socks and a can of soda beside the keyboard. this space is a living i.t. crowd. shudder. i laugh out loud at the hilarity of my situation. i turn around in my seat, looking back out the window and continue blogging. i have an office job, working a schedule i shuddered at since i knew 9-5 existed.

funny how things turn around.

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