saw this wall design by ed roth on design*sponge and can not stop thinking about childhood cereals "can't get enough of that honey taste, can never get enough" honeycombs and the blue, red, and green painted wooden blocks in square, trapezoid, and hexagon shapes to create beautiful tri-coloured mosaics on my fibreboard desk in kindergarten. this is the first time i worked with the shape that is recognized now by the bee's hives honey storage area. i am finding it in more places now. this wall. on the street, a piece of brown paper cardboard corrugated in a new way. there is something to special, angular and organic at the same time about this shape. 

i have a bright orange wall in my apartment. i wonder terribly if the landlord would mind if i honeycombed it light turquoise. maybe? david says no. but would be soo cool. i am also inspired by the wallpaper job on an older post at fieldguided. the walls here though are textured which doesn't make any sort of application easy. 

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