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c/o rennes le chateau

i need to start putting on my thinking cap for christmas, i am pressed for time to get my parcels to the mailbox if there is any hope of them actually arriving in time for the holidays. im also on a tight budget since moving here and am looking for little projects i can make this weekend in the village. i am inspired by these two ladies' necklace making efforts. super beautiful and simple. i love it. rennes le chateau here and for me for you here. i will look for some second-hand chains and i might be able to find a craft store around this city too. home-made cards are already underway and so is the ginger man eating...

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  1. Hello Katie,

    Go to Kalvin ter and start walking towards Ferenc Korut metro station (I think this road already the Ulloi ut) on the left side. There are quite a lot of arty farty shops with beads and gems and stuff.

    Good Luck!

    Hugs and kisses from incredible Caracas,

    Anuk and Szabi


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