now what?

thinking about an etsy shop to sell some of my artworks.
i dont know if i can take the plunge just yet though, i feel like i should do some more research, some ideas to promote the shop or something. figure out shipping costs and make photographs of the art. am i going to sell more than just my artwork? vintage finds also? or should i just concentrate on one thing? probably best to concentrate. think. sew.

i will go back to work tomorrow, i think my cold is finally getting the idea to get lost. beat it.
its good because its nice to have the time off but i actually cant too much when im tired all the time, cant talk so well, and am on drowsy medication. 

i want to start sewing this bag i bought fabric for the other day. time to clear off the dining room table to work on it. perhaps get my mom in here to assist me the first time around. we shall see. i shall post.
its dinner time now.

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