sick day from work which means sewing time and movie time. sitting out in the shade and reading time. napping time. a little virus snuck up on me and made itself at home.. blah.
it wouldnt be so terrible if i didnt have to talk all day at my job. with a sore throat and a dry cough, it doesnt really work so well so i came home early.
i am starting some sewing projects tomorrow and some arting. i am seriously considering an etsy shop at this point since my work isnt really selling with art city here in st. catharines.
how to start? design a banner. 
enter david, my love to help me with the compu/tec side of things. i will see what we can come up with.

envelopes with letters from across the world in them. foreign stamps.
holga / lomographic cameras.
double and triple exposed frames / overlap lovliness. 
campbells tomato soup with crushed crackers (still since i am so little it is my number one comfort food when i have a cold)
old binoculars

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