sewing // postcards // picnic // bubblegum // spinach.

i had a sewing day this week. i made an everything tote from nice fabric i found earlier last week. finally got it washed and made a nice bag. i found the pattern in a weekend sewing projects book, very nice designs. i will make some more things from this book this weekend when i have some more time.

in the mail arrived a very nice postcard written in french from a lovely friend who is on a french immersion program for the summer. they all had to promise to only listen and read and speak and live french for the duration of the program. full and complete immersion. thankful to me i know some french and read her message quite easily. i was inspired, i returned her postcard in french also. its been many years i think since i actually wrote in french but it was nice and i think i  should write more often, remembering words lost and finding the romantic structure of that language again.

today david and i took full advantage of our day off and headed to niagara on the lake for a picnic in a lake-side park and then enjoyed the old town, admiring heritage houses we could only dream to live in. such quaint little neighbourhoods and wineries and little cafes and old rich tourists. love it. absolutely.

we didnt leave the area without stopping at a favourite (but oh so expensive) dairy bar, tucked off the main road. it is actually an ice cream factory with a little ice cream store attached. old swings that are the same that were there when i was a child. they even had my favourite bubblegum flavour, although i have to admit now, i wasnt so partial to the frozen gum bits i found inside. nice colours though. smiles on my face and in my tummy. i love waffle cones and ice cream on warm summer days.

did some gardening with my mom tonight at dusk. finally we found homes for my spinach plants and my carrots and chives in and amungst her plants. we used to have a vegetable garden when we were young but when we got a pool the garden disappeared and i have missed the fresh zucchini and squashes and others during the summer months. there is nothing so satisfying than eating food that you have tended to and grown yourself. honestly wonderful.

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