tea shelf // an ikea hack

i bookmarked this idea from design*sponge years ago but it never left my mind. we face a major storage situation here in our flat. it's essentially a small cube, so to speak except for the two skylights that are godsends for light and giving the studio and airy feel. we work with a kitchen the size of a wardrobe and the teeniest stall of a bathroom.

we have to make do with every inch of space we can get. so: shelves.

we managed to clear out a whole shelf in our "wardrobe" kitchen by putting up this tea shelf near our kitchen table/desk/stuff holder. tea boxes take up a lot of room! and we scored some more dishes space by putting hooks under the shelf for our tea and coffee cups (we only have four, so problem solved).

materials used: 
-ribba art display shelf from ikea (55cm long x 9.5cm wide) 
-four cup hooks 
-two wall screws

total cost: £7.20  (shelf: £5.20, hooks: £2)

time to assemble: 10 minutes

well, when you have a handy boyfriend, you don't have to spend any time assembling it. you just chat and keep him company while he pulls out his important screwdrivers and gets to work. well done, davey!

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