community kite project


they're gorgeous fragile things that fly so mighty in the sky. there's nothing like the feeling of freedom when your kite picks up the wind and takes off, slicing in and out of the clouds.

the community kite project just finished in london, a week-long exhibition at SpaceFiftyFour in shoreditch and free kite making workshops. yes. free. i joined the guys there yesterday afternoon to make my own tissue kite. i've been giddy all week at the prospect. they even called me out on having planned my kite's design beforehand.

i love what they write about the project,

Community Kite Project is a week-long festival of kite making and decorating workshops, for everyone, for free. No cost, no catch, just a chance to explore your inner child, get imaginative and make yourself a fully functioning kite to keep and of course, fly. CKP believe fun and imagination are precious commodities and we would like to share them with as many people as possible.
my kite has already found itself a place on the wall. a nice touch to brighten up the flat during these gloomy and rainy days.

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