christmas spiced salt

using old magazines to make some cut and paste holiday cards but i came across this small project. the ingredients are super cheap and are great little tokens to bring along as a hostess gift for a friend who loves to cook. 

// christmas spiced salt //

200g coarse sea salt
2 tsp red peppercorns
2 tsp crushed red chilli
4 star anise
sterilized jar*

the salt mixed with the red peppercorns reminds me of holly berries in the snow. the magazine article suggested using the spiced salt on steaks and roasted chicken. of course, as a vegetarian, i filled a pretty glass bowl with it and put it on the table, ready at a moment's notice when i need a dash of salt.

i filled a few jars up with it and tied rubber-stamp printed kraft paper around the tops for wrapping.

*to sterilize your jar, wash it well in warm soapy water. rinse and dry in an oven set at 275°f. let cool before filling


  1. oh thanks for the comment alison! what a fine collection of coffee cups you posted :) speaking of which.. i ought to get a cup of my own..


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