art gallery of ontario

an afternoon in the 'big city' turned out to be just what i needed after more than a month at home in niagara. my first stop (after being sufficiently caffeinated at the orange alert) was the a.g.o

it would be no stretch of truth to say that frank gehry is one of my favourite artists
his guggenheim in bilbao is a spectacular cathedral of lines and curves (not much credit goes to the collection housed inside it but that's another bone for picking)

gehry's piece in toronto is nice, simply. it fits but its one of the more conservative pieces he's done, using his fish motif on the dundas side, similar to his sculpture on the barcelona harbour

the curvaceous staircase did make me smile, like a snake coiling in and out of doors and through the ceiling //

[img 2] julian schnabel: big girl

i can't help take photographs in art museums and galleries, as i have studied art history, theory and the philosophy of the image and aesthetics, i like to bring home some of the paintings that particularly attracted me, ones i had an experience with. big girl was shot sneakily behind the back of the security guard from my pocket. a quick out, click, in without a notice.

do you do the same? how do you feel about no photography rules in musems and galleries?

one more info:
the ago is free to those under the age of 25 (score! since regular admission is $19) until april. take advantage of this again and again.


  1. is the ago really free until april?
    like no strings attached free right?

    and i do secretly take photos too, you really can't help it, he he :D

  2. i know, incredible isnt it?

    here are the details: http://www.ago.net/maharaja-exhibition-free-to-visitors-25-years-of-age-and-under

    all you need is proof of age, i couldnt believe it when i went either and the clerk said, "free!" like music to my ears!


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