whisk lighting

the sweet paul holiday mag is out.
and im scouring the flea markets to find an old industrial whisk, to no avail.
but i've seen a similar project with an old cheese grater, and that i have


have you ever made a recycled lamp before?

make it yourself:
-one old industrial whisk
-hanging lamp set

1. make sure lamp set isn't plugged in
2. unscrew socket until it comes apart, unscrew the screws holding the two wires in place
3. pull cord through whisk, then reassemble socket
4. wrap one wire around one screw and tighten
5. do the same for the other wire (make sure the two wires are not touching)
6. screw socket back into position, twist in a light bulb
7. hang it up and turn it on!


  1. been wanting to make one for quite awhile and i JUST FOUND FOUR WHISKS!! soooo excited

  2. wow! what a great collection of whisks! they're going to look great hung up like lights, so nice


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