cowl knitting

the last days have been foggy and grey. romantic though
in the way that the tress are laid bare amidst the silvery hue of mist
winter has its way of making magic in my heart
has knitting season officially started? it feels like its here
since my last pair of circular needles broke in my luggage this time last year,
i need a new pair.

already have some soft cream wool

time to knit a cowl//

(the first cowl i ever knitted, using a pattern from yarn over movement)

(in the works)

what are you knitting? socks, scarves and tuques?
on another note, im really mesmerized by all the holiday ideas circulating. but more on that later.

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  1. hi love!

    in response to your post on knitting - i've written this one, for YOU! http://scribbles-and-strokes.blogspot.com/

    - elizabeth


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