bubi // billboards

grey days don't scare me. neither do rainy days.
early morning meditation with norbert and david when the clouds opened up //
no better reason to go back to bed.

clouds closed up and we dashed to the library return an english grammar book
then whizzed to toldi for a latte and a glance at the bubi bike parade.
no better place for bicycle eye candy and budapest hipsters // a species of their own.

billboard exhibition at hero's square: hungarian geographic
where do you think you live?
door bells and switches, all taken around budapest.
i ride a hoffman bike, at least it goes as fast as hoffman's lsd trips

says david.

so far saturday, you're alright.


  1. Emma21:07

    The last pic would make a great desktop background, do you have it hi-res/full-size?

  2. definitely! leave me your email and ill send it to you :)

  3. Emma12:39

    firefliesdance hotmail com

  4. Could I be a pain and ask for all 4 in high res??

    I'm producing an architecture design report, looking at cycling, infrastructure and density in Budapest.

    I'll credit you in the report obviously!



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