athens // athina

looking through august photographs now // how lovely is athens?
i was only there for a hot and steam 40 degree 48 hours but managed a thorough sight-see.

the city gardens and their vintage coffee shop, ridiculously overpriced vintage coffee shop
who wants to pay 3 euro for a coffee? not me.

fallen columns and capitols of a style i no longer remember.
feeling like i should have paid more attention in art history class.
sorry wren //

lost in the winding alleyways leading up to the acropolis, sweat and soil // no water left
but this plant was so darling.

once i wrote a review about this wine on a travel/wine blog, without having tasted it
now i've tasted it, and my review still stands. retsina [tried, tested, true greek wine]

have you been to athens? just two more weeks until bari.


  1. I was in Athens last summer and had a really great time. I love Greece so much! Seeing Greek letters again in your post makes me nostalgic ><

  2. hi celeste!

    thanks for your comment! :) athens was so beautiful, even the mangy dogs and street litter. i was only in athens a few days and spent the rest of my time climbing around corinthian mountains. more time is definitely needed to fully experience greece!

    and the letters of course, so nice


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