thousands of miles this maple syrup has travelled

mailing things to hungary from canada is expensive. so i try to avoid asking for care packages from home but an opportunity arose for a "cheaper"shipping solution and with a little luck and schedule coordinating some gifts from home arrived on thursday night.

i caught wind that a friend from the buddhist centre here in budapest was travelling through south america, up the west coast and heading to edmonton for a weekend. i also have a good friend in edmonton who was willing to pass on a package from my parents to this travelling guy on the weekend he was going to be in town. so my parents put together a few things, mailed it from niagara to edomonton. this friend met up with this guy during his weekend stay in canada, and then this travelling guy brought the package all the way back through the usa, down to guatemala and mexico then he flew to miami and then back to hungary. with the package.

and it arrived in my arms on thursday night. receiving treats from home have never felt so good. to say the least i definitely owe this guy a pancake breakfast for hauling a couple bottles of maple syrup around north and south america!

my parents also send me a good supply of burt's bees lip balm, a package of my favourite new england maple coffee, my runners so i can get some exercise in this summer, and a small sleeping bag for camping this summer in greece and italy.

i think by far the nicest thing is that now, when we brew maple coffee the scent stays in our kitchen all day long. its the first scent that greets us when we come into the flat now, ahh that smell of what i know as canada.

also referred to as liquid gold.. or is that ice wine? hm. both.

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