saturday night is date night

one thing that for sure diminishes when you live with your sweetheart are date nights. its easy to not plan them when we spend mostly all of our evenings together but we haven't really put in a special effort to spend quality time together, which is easy to forget when we both have busy lives. when i moved here i also brought a couple of bottles of wine with me, some that david and i had collected while we travelled through bc, tasting at wineries and some from the winery that i used to work at, frog pond farm in niagara on the lake. after more than half a year i still have a couple of them, unopened. i was waiting for a special occasion to drink them. but then i was thinking, why wait for a special occasion?

why not make the occasion?

so we decided saturday night is going to be date night. we cooked up some asian cuisine and chilled the bottle of iced chardonnay from vancouver island. a little fresh fruit from the market and some french camembert, candle-light and a beach house album playing from inside.. it was so nice. we're one of the only flats in our building with a balcony and a quite big one which makes it perfect for eating dinner/lunch/breakfast/midnight snacks out on it. at night it turns into a proper cave.

it was the perfect night, warm after some afternoon thunder storms, and the wine tasted as good as it had almost a year ago when we tasted it at the winery. what do you do for your date nights? any good ideas?

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  1. Oh, Katie, the pictures were sooooo beautiful and that is the perfect image of a perfect date.
    Me and my boyfriend "date" for Italian food in some nice restaurant, as we both like Italian food, followed by some movie at the cinema. We are not as romantic as you were with your lovely date, as we went to see "Iron Man 2" last Saturday :) and if we were in your shoes, on the balcony, with the wine and the Camembert cheese... we would have listened to Nickelback or who knows what else. :)
    Such a cool post, I really loved it. Makes you stop and look around and plan your next date. :)


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