sunday the eleventh

the forecast said rain, rain and more rain. for the entire week actually but somehow the sun, much stronger than the clouds, has peeked its face out for the time being. so im thinking about what id like to do today. i like to make lists, especially of things id like to do, not chores or groceries. today is sunday, so lets do things we like.

im going to make a big salad with raisins, arugula, radish and apple, sunflower seeds and fried kidney beans and  poppy seed dressing, just because its spring and ive been craving fresh greens all winter. finally they've made their way to the market.

ill sit with fig out in the backyard, admiring the blooming trees and counting the golden fish in the pond before we're ready to go. she never seems to have a worry or a fret, this dog. as long as her belly is rubbed.

then im going to take the train back to budapest and read along the way, maybe even finish the 800 page book ive been slaving over for almost a half year. i always love the satisfaction after reading a long book with thin pages. the professor at home who recommended it will be happy t hear its been finished i think.

in the afternoon stitch n bitch is happening in budapest so i hope to finally finish an unfinished scarf thats taken me months to do. chat with some ladies who like to knit and gossip about budapest over tea and cookies.

when its time to sleep ill dream happily about winding rivers and how much id love to canoe this summer. if only once, down a calm river, eating trail mix every step of the way and counting how many beavers i spot. its one of the best things about being from ontario, endless summers of canoe trips and camping. im not sure its so popular in hungary though. at least i can be guaranteed a hitchhike trip or two with david. there is never any lack of adventure.

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  1. Knit and gossip over tea and cookies sounds like a dream to me. I don't have any "knitting" friends here. Sigh...

  2. you should totally look up if there is a stitch n bitch near you.. i was so surprised when i found one here. i thought for sure no one except grannies knitted in hungary (even though the group is mostly foreigners)


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