is it time for a spring clean already?

daisies from ffffound

i've added and changed this and that on the blog today, hopefully making it a little nicer on the eyes, a little more simple. slowly im learning some html and blog tweaking tricks at work that i can use here.

check out the about section and if you can always follow me too if you're on twitter. im a little slow with somethings but im trying to keep up with this.

simple simple.

i am inspired by the great and custom layouts some of you are using, or at least you've mastered the art of tweaking the blogger templates. so ive taking ideas from everywhere. let me know what you think! i also think it's about time i get a flickr account, i have so many photographs that im hoarding just for myself.

one of the other things i hope to get busy on again this summer is my etsy shop. it's so easy to fall behind, stop updating and forget about projects that i started months ago. making time for creating and sewing is so important, my fingers and mind have just gotten lazy. so now i am on the search for a sewing machine in budapest that needs some extra love. there is a stich n bitch get together on sunday so ill see what those girls and guys are up to.

it's exactly what i need / we <3 it

my non-web spring clean will have to wait until next week since david and i are off this weekend to visit his parents and start working in the vineyard. the new canes are growing already so its time to get the vines ready for this year's season. i love wine and gardening. especially when its sunny and warm.

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