one hundred years of history

the week is passing me by and ive hardly stopped to notice. sorry sorry.
speeding from home to work to home to meditation to home to cook to sleep to wake.

im delighted its friday but i have this lingering guilt at the same time, ive been waiting for friday since i woke up on monday. and although ive enjoyed the moments during the week i find myself increasingly just 'pushing through' until the weekend when i can bask in sunny weather, wake up late, indulge in pancakes for breakfast and read as much as i like. is it wrong to do? i mean maybe i should give mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays a chance? i like thursdays because it is my day of accomplishment, that the week is almost over and i can breathe a little bit.

maybe i just need to challenge myself to be just as happy for monday mornings as i am for friday afternoons. any suggestions?

another news: i am pages away from finishing "in europe" by geert mak. a professor recommended it to me before i moved away and its taken me 6 months of metro and train rides to finish it. if i am glad to end my european history lesson with this book it is only for the reason that it is extremely large and heavy and my shoulder is tired from lugging it here and lugging it there. time to rest it on the bookshelf now, in 15 pages at least. its perfect if you fell asleep frequently in history class and managed to turn 23 without being able to tell you when the world wars took place (as i hide in embarrassment). it covers 100 years of european history without even being boring! imagine that. a true investment.

book review here

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