bonjour printemps.

isn't spring lovely? budding branches and clean sidewalks. spring cleaning is taking place all over this city, including our flat. finally its dusted and it feels okay to invite friends over again. i can never get enough of the greek influence on some of the buildings here, the national museum for instance. every time i walk by the angles and lines impress me. im counting down the days until i can hang out at the acropolis in august. dreams of greece are a little less far fetched these days now that our "travel jar" isn't empty anymore.

summer time savings. i love vacations, its a pity its still so far away. id like to take one now.

until then though, im happily satisfied with sunny days and twenty degree afternoons. late day coffee breaks and extended beer dates. i think it might be season enough to picnic this weekend. i hear city park  has beautiful gardens, its probably due we visit there. now to track down a picnic basket and an old table cloth, because theres no picnic without a basket and a blanket to sit on, everyone knows that.

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