berlin in five photographs.

at work ive been writing a lot about berlin lately, or at least it seems. and i was tempted to look back at some of the photographs i took there a few summers ago. i was addicted at once to this capital with a history i couldnt really grasp at the time but its one of those places you'd just like to go back to. again and again. i used to take a lot of travel photographs and i dont really go back and look at them too often. but today is an exception. so where it my ado to berlin.

i thought there were more interesting things to take photographs of than checkpoint charlie which was just down the street from this photo-mural.

not something i can really describe. its a holocaust museum and is absolutely terrifying. if you're claustrophobic, i dont recommend walking between the blocks of cement.

ill photograph any orwell reference that i see. it just so happened that some pretty bikes were conveniently in the frame.

looking back, i should be ashamed i was drinking czech beer in germany. tisk tisk. i know better now. but given the choice, id probably still go for the bottle of staropramen.

i wish we had these beach chairs in canada, how cool would it make our beaches? protection from the sun and the wind, sand blowing in your face and most of all, you can store your personals in the wooden drawers below. you rent them by the day but id rent one for the entire month if i could.


  1. ooohhhh, I don't know if a trip to Berlin will part of our 2010 projects...why, oh why did my dog had to eat a piece of plastic (2500$ for dog = 0$ for plane tickets).

  2. man, it is an incredible city, i planned to stay only a few days when i went and was there more than 2 weeks! im am saving up to go again, hopefully this year, but who knows what'll happen!

    the things we do for our little furry friends!


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