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friday: was a day for wearing blue tights and cosy slippers. big cups of coffee and though inspired letters to friends in far away countries. i dug out my good pen and found an empty pad. i felt so inspired after watching bright star i hand wrote a letter. just one. but i put a lot of thought into that one letter. i am trying to put more effort into these little details again. its so easy to put away a pen and paper and vouch for the email when really, walking to the post office takes soooo much effort. shame on me.

saturday: meditation meditation, a little sewing and more meditation

sunday: heart day, valentine's day, david's birth day. we celebrated two holidays on sunday. what better way than to start it off with a sleep in and then banana chocolate pancakes? mmm delicious.

later we went to szechenyi, one of budapest's thermal spas. heavenly thermal spring water outside in the winter. the funny/strange thing was that a lot of other couples had the same idea we did about how incredibly romantic the thermal baths would be on valentine's day. imagine a steaming pool full of hugging couples. just lovely. we escaped indoors and jumped from one pool to the next and taking full advantage of the saunas there.

9 o clock dinner and vegan chocolate cupcakes with not so vegan whipped cream and a few cherries on top. an episode of due south and the weekend was finished before i could notice it had started. this always happens. i need to find the slo-motion button on the remote for life because it feels lately that the weeks fly by faster than i can notice.

tomorrow to vienna, just for a day.

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