a quick jaunt to vienna.

12 hours, c'est tout. spontaneity won out again and we found ourselves in a van with 7 other buddhists heading to vienna yesterday afternoon to see ole nydahl's lecture at the university in vienna. it was a very nice evening, lots of friends from all around were there and his words were just as wise as ever.

today was a sleep in day since we didnt get home until four a.m. a sleepy morning of pastries and earl grey tea for breakfast this morning. belle & sebastian on my radio. a lovely lovely morning. if i sit just a little to the right i can see students learning foreign languages in the school across the courtyard. its nice to peek, i want to go to school again.

mid-woche //

im always looking for little signs of canada. a moose? definitely. even though stockholm tourist posters also use this symbol. visit stockholm, mind the moose. i could resist not catching this moose on an elevator to the car park in vienna last night.

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