a photo album by frankie

i really like this. ive found it in a few places recently and i am very intrigued. i could use some photography inspiration as i havent even picked up anything analogue in months. i once loaded a roll of film into a praktica a couple of weeks ago, only to put it back on the shelf. not only is this terrible in and of itself but i just havent pushed myself to make a photographing day. i need to get back into the habit of tucking it into my bag before i leave for work, market trips or other outings here and there.

this frankie magazine photo album is filled with photography from aussie artists and international ones and i am thinking i might take the jump and order it to be inspired by its 144 pages of photo-lovliness. its for sale for $29.95. but maybe i can find a used copy on ebay. perhaps perhaps.

here are a few sneek peeks i was able to collect on different blogs and sites.





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