milk pods, tea cups, daisies, and hornets, buzz

i cannot wait for spring. 

for picnics and tulips and being able to read while spread out on a blanket. for wearing little flats again with a cotton skirt. no more wool socks and no more salt on my boots. i noticed this week for the first time that it is slowly getting lighter in the evenings. on tuesday i left the office to come home right at five and it was not even dark yet, dusk but not dark. this is so encouraging. i want the weather to warm up, just a little bit. i know i will complain about the heat in the summer because my canadian blood cannot handle a 40 degree day no matter how cool the shade is. 

i am thinking about the emergency list that anabela posted on her blog fieldguided  posted and a few things come to mind that are top on my list of my winter emergency survival list:

- take baths with epsom salts
we dont have a bathtub here in out apartment but david's parents have a nice big one at their house so it is a good thing we are heading there this weekend. its always bath time when i go to szekesfehervar. on a second thought, budapest has some of the nicest thermal baths in europe.. i have been missing out on something really key here i think.

- visit an art exhibit with paintings from my art textbooks at school
there is a great exhibition  that just opened at the pushkin museum in budapest, degas to picasso. there is no better way in my opinion to spend a wintery day than in an art museum with a sketchbook and a few pencils. i like to take my time and sit down, talk about pieces that really strike me. i know art museums have a reputation to be quiet.. but people should talk about the art or else was is the point? art is for interactions.

- sip on some mulled wine in a small cafe
this drink will eventually phase out my usual hot toddy in the wintertime. i have come to dearly love mulled wine in this city. its very sweet and can be spicy. cinnamon and lemon and sugar does wonder for a cheap bottle of red

- wear a dress with a pair of warm tights
i hope to really dig out a nice old dress from the attic this weekend at david's granny's house in the village, chakvar. she has some really nice finds at her house and i have brought back a number of soft balls of yarn, old bedsheets with pretty patters and knitting needles from her house already. she is always so happy to see something worn again and this time im on the search for a new dress.


  1. i recognize that man, and the park, right?

  2. no one other than kosinski himself. working through all of his works one at a time.

    notl, some lake side park. not montebello which is what i think you are thinking.


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