a snowy afternoon with granny. not mine, david's.

barrels needed cleaning and wine needed filtering so i spent the afternoon drinking coffee and ballentine's with david's gran. she shared some stories from fifty-two years ago and we went through some old suitcases of fabric, drapes, yarn, and toys to find some treasures for me to bring back to budapest with me.

new curtains for our little apartment. i think the white / green will be a little brighter than the dark dark blues ones up now. two little stuffed mice from a long-ago childhood. now finding a new home on our shelf. long lost nighties and summer dresses waiting for remolding, 3 balls of cashmere yarn, and a few pairs of old knitting needles. she was happy to clear away some dust collecting things and i was happy to take some hungarian vintage finds away with me.

while the pea soup was cooking i had a chance to make some drawings too of her lovely old suitcases and her bed-side chair. her house is old and lovely, with loads of retro chairs and sofas, unfinished needle-points, and black and white photographs. simple and beautiful. i wish i had my camera to capture the snow resting on the ivy leaves on her brick wall out front. it was a cold day and i hoped the chicken's legs were getting too cold.

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