hemingway and espresso.. a perfect combination?

"My excuse is that I make the truth as I invent it truer than it would be. That is what makes good writers or bad." Hemingway (True at First Light) 

a very nice quote from ernest hemingway's true at first light. i wrote it down of a scrap of paper when i read it for the first time. i have read it again, and reread it. i am about to start a writing job, not fiction writing but my job will be defendant on my ability to write clearly and creatively. to sell destinations to the travelling public. to allure and attract and build together for them a potential scene on the french riviera in which they might find themselves. click click and they could be on a flight tomorrow to the destination of their dreams. two more clicks and the hotel is booked and one more click, why not read an online travel guide about the destination. my job is to write that travel guide. have i been to the french riviera? i have only seen it in my dreams and so i write about it as such, of course with a little google research as well. i dont think i invent, more probably i embellish on what i discover and fill it as best i can of what i hope it is like to be there. it is definite that i would write these logs and descriptions completely differently if i were to visit these places in person. i dont think i am a bad writer though, or falsely leading travellers to places i have never been before. if only this type of writing instills in me the itch in my feet to travel and discover the places of which i am writing about again and again, across oceans and over mountains. i will go to the french riviera. on my way to spain.

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