this city is getting ready for christmas. fashion street is alight even more than it usually is from monte carlo's casino. a little further and  i can see the museum across the river. the freedom statue. buda castle and chain bridge, lit in all the right places for night time photography. it is warm and cold and im glad i wore my hat. thom yorke in my ears and couples kissing along the boulevard. peter pan immortalized in bronze, sitting near the tram stop. i turn the corner and four bmx'ers cross me in a line, heading for the old bus station at deak ter. this is where to go to find a new trick. it is a 24h skate and wheel show. the one with the biggest scar wins. there is something i cant really put my fingers on. the leafless trees? my almost blank moleskin? the garbage picking gypsy at the opposite corner? it is just walking. the slow and dependable stride that takes me from one corner to another, creating lines on the map as i trace the streets. i am in a world of maps again, it always starts in a new city this way. maps / walks / midnight lights / non-stop traffic.

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