winery // winery // broken car.

working a lot at frogpondfarm. it gets busier and busier these days there. seems there is always work to be done, berries to eat and pick and of course guinea hens to feed. its so nice there these days, just hanging out with jens, eating raspberries after the shop closes and talking about conspiracy theories and french oak barrels. i love it there. it is one of the most authentic places i know. the people that own and run that place are so genuine, can be entirely serious one moment and have you side splitting the next. i love it. not so rare that i find myself out of the tasting room, helping move baby chicks, or weeding the vegetable garden, or just enjoying the sunshine with the customers from the shop, just chatting about organics and wines we love. 

i am feeling another sewing day arriving this week, making another few totes for the shop. a photograph day to get some new things in the shop, and also a trip to peterborough to get my snow tires and some paintings left behind there. lovely. there also happens to be a wine and food party close to there that night which i think we might find ourselves at. i hear frogpondfarm will be there :)

our car is also sick, needs a new, very expensive part. so she finds herself at the mechanic again, waiting for the diagnosis. shes gotten us this far, i hope she will still get us a little further. our little golf.

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