took david in early to work this morning, 8am. then i drove home and went back to sleep. 
woke up to do some sewing but seems ive lost the zipper foot for my machine so i can't make what i had originally planned to make. poo.
so im taking a break, making some photographs and thinking about cooking a soup for dinner tonight.

day off day off.

i finished my medicines, feeling much better now. even had a glass of wine with dinner last night. my own personal gourmet macaroni and cheese, oven baked. haha its the classic poor college student meal and has a bad reputation, but i can cleverly disguise it to be something special with spinach, onions, and sun dried tomatoes.

and today? squash soup with acorn and butternut squash, fresh ginger, and whipping cream. delicious.
they are in the oven now, softening up and then the soup making begins. 

it is lovely out. finally a hot day. i think summer has arrived, for one day only.

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