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i have to admit, i'm a bit obsessed with this new cooking show on bbc2, little paris kitchen. think julia&julia in the form of a cooking show. introducing rachel khoo.

synopsis: south-london girl moves to paris with €800, enrols at le cordon bleu cooking school and opens an underground restaurant in her 21 square metre flat. her kitchen? 2 gas rings and a small cooker. the food? amazing!

i went to a similar restaurant in budapest, no name on the door just an apartment with an open plan kitchen. we were seated around the dining room table, our place settings of mis-matched china and silverware, a menu of gourmet yet traditional hungarian dishes (with palinka of course). there was even a piano in the flat, which proved entertaining after a few glasses of wine. i love the idea of an underground restaurant, inviting people into your home for some good cooking! have you been to a restaurant like this? if you know any in london, please let me know.

Source: google.com via Carolyn on Pinterest

Source: bbc.co.uk via Melanie on Pinterest

i picked up her cook book at whsmith the other day for £15 and it's half romantic paris look-book/food porn and half recipes. nicely bound in blue canvas. so far, so good but there isn't much i can cook without an oven (thank goodness we're moving next month!). look this girl up!


  1. Anonymous16:01

    I don't know about her cooking skills, but the kitchen sure looks great, I love this pattern, and the hanging accessories all around.

    What I would give to have a great-looking kitchen like that... It gives me the mood to cook :)

  2. after watching her show, she gave me hope again that you can cook great meals in the tiniest kitchen ever. i don't know if you can watch on demand bbc in canada, but if you can, you should really check out the show: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01f9r18/The_Little_Paris_Kitchen_Cooking_with_Rachel_Khoo_Episode_2/
    for a little taste of home ;)


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