simple #knitting

simple can mean a lot of things.

easy to perform
plain in looks
honest in nature
naturally ordinary
classic, timeless

simple, in terms of knitting, is so beautiful. this garter stitch scarf for example. it's the first stitch everyone learns when they first pick up the needles. simple. but so lovely.

Source: purlbee.com via katie on Pinterest

this simple scarf somehow looks so chic with a badass leather jacket.

and jenny's handknit dishcloths over in her wiksten shop.

there is a certain charm to simple knits and simple stitches. new washing up cloths have been long overdue in our flat and this week i had some extra time for knitting up a few in moss stitch. it's a small project, but a good one for practising the basic stitches, even nicer when knit in 100% natural cotton. the project is taken from a book (very lovely) appropriately named simple knitting by erika knight. 

i've got another pair of hand warmers on my needles now, a mock-up for my knitting class at the end of the week. this is the first time i'm teaching a knitting class and i have to say, i'm a bit nervous! 

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