cleaning my pack, choosing my clothes. pulling out my parka from under the bed. stitching up my holy mittens, neglected since last winter. there's not too much need for wintery things in london and some days i almost feel robbed of winter when it's been above 10 degrees consistently for weeks.


you can take the canadian out of winter, but you can't take the winter out of a canadian. people told me i'm crazy to travel across siberia during winter. i'm thrilled at the chance to see snow, go tobogganing and trek across mountain passes in my head as i watch distances fly by from the comfort of the train. in less than 48 hours, i'll be en route to moscow and then onwards to vladivostok on the eastern coast of russia, looking across at canada from the other side.

for four weeks, i'll jump from train to train, making short stops in cities along the way. catch my breathe in moscow and then finally to st. petersburg. after dreaming about this trip for years, it's hard to believe i have a visa in my passport and my flights are just a couple days away.

the calm before the travel storm.


  1. Anonymous12:56

    have a truly wonderful trip, friend! please take many photos so that i can have a glance of what siberia looks like. soak it all in!

    oo! i'm so glad you liked the card - i stuffed in a bunch of warm wishes and hugs too, i hope you received those as well :)

  2. Anonymous12:48

    Have a nice trip Katie! Wishing you lots of adventures, discoveries, new friends, and wonderful memories along this trip!

    I hope we will get to see lots of pictures a month from now!

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  4. I hope Russia is surpassing your expectations right now! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. Wow. I want to be you! That sounds so amazing and adventurous <3

  6. anya07:59

    wow! sounds great! i live in siberia (tomsk) and right now we have - 32 ºC outside, so prepare your mittens :) now i will follow you, i want to know your impressions!


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