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how cosy does this writing space look?

sometimes you just need those days to regroup and recoup your brain. find a cosy spot with a view, sketchbook and notepads, idea boards, pens and paints to record recent inspiration. it's so easy to neglect these simple little pleasures that give so much more space in your mind.

i've been working through michael atavar's how to be an artist book in the last few months (i first wrote about it here) and i wanted to share a few lines that have really inspired me lately. at least i'm drawing more, which is already progress.

- "just do one thing today. it doesn't really matter what it is. just do it." (nike was really on to something when they chose their motto)

- "art is often created through the re-imagining of ordinary things."

- "one of the simplest and most effective techniques is to slow something down."

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