lomography: Diana Mini roll #1

at first glance i'm not totally impressed with the results of my first roll taken with my new Diana Mini from lomography. i think next time i'll keep it in one format, instead of switching it constantly between the 24x24 and the 24x17 settings.

there are a few great ones though which i'd like to share. i think the more i shoot with this the more i'll get a feel for what works with it. the foggy day photos turned out well which was a nice surprise. does anyone have any experience with this camera? which type of film works best for you?

all of the above were shot this past weekend in richmond park on a very foggy morning. our shoes were damp with dew in seconds but we kept traipsing, hoping to catch some shots of the deer but no luck. 

underneath is a photo of chiswick house, without a doubt one of my favourite places in sw london. gorgeous house, gorgeous gardens.

p.s. the guy at the kodak store felt bad some of the shots had multiple exposures so he gave me £3 off. little did he know i did it on purpose :)


  1. These are absolutely lovely! I especially love the shot of the fence/tree. Gorgeous.

  2. wow thanks alli!

    i appreciate the compliment, getting a new camera is always a learning curve especially since i've seen such amazing shots taken with this diana mini but i guess you can't expect every frame to turn out great now, can you!?

    thanks for stopping by!

  3. I really like how these came out! I love the misty photographs. I used my Diana Mini for the first time on Friday and was quite pleased it with myself. Much better than I expected it to be! It did jam a few times though and shredded the first film I loaded into it.

  4. ooh shoot, rotten luck. i jammed and broke a holga once, my first lomo camera and have been super careful with this one since. expensive little plastic toys aren't they?


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