good things come in three

between seasonal jobs, regular work and the pace of the holidays

// i've forgotten all about this.
there are a few little treasures i'd like to share

mr. scruff, a manchester dj, is also my favourite tea-maker
he spins vinyl by night and designs these incredible tea flavours (and their packaging) by day
have a listen to jazz potato here.

second: canon sd1400is

this little compakt takes hd video and has fish-eye and miniature settings
the perfect small addition to my camera collection. finally excited about having a pocket digi-cam instead of taking my bigger sx20 around here and there.

third: frogpondfarm ice wine

i've mentioned this n-o-t-l winery before and i was gifted a bottle of their 2007 riesling ice wine 
golden sweet nectar, this bottle is coming to hungary with me next month.

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