good bye anker koz

dearest anker palota, 

you've been fine to me, accommodating to me since i moved to budapest. your wooden floors and loft bed, your creepy attic and peeling walls. the basement that's locked shut, and no one knows why. i've enjoyed it here, looking across the balcony at japanese, hungarian and english classes at the language school across the yard. your little table where i drank so many coffee and the little slice of sunshine that somehow makes it down to the first floor every afternoon.

thanks for your stinky drains, but im moving on. packing in cardboard and backpacks, old suitcases i stole from gypsies and getting unsettled. i haven't even moved yet and im already in withdrawal about not living in deak ter anymore. central central, im born to live central.

in any case, as of tomorrow i'll have a new address. im happy for that.

good bye, and treat the next tenant as good as you did me.

kathleen elisabeth


  1. That was very touching. So you are palaceless now. Aow... I think no one ever wrote so nicely about the Anker before, maybe Hofi Géza. :)

  2. it was a nice palace, wasn't it?

    i don't need to say goodnight to hofi's ghost anymore, i'll miss that.

    "night david. night hofi geza"


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