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yesterday i cycled to work for the first time. 

my office isn't far, just 6km but it was already warm at 8 in the morning. unfortunately the area i work is quite industrial with lots of blocks of offices and factories, the skyline is rectangular prisms housing computers, typing robots and flats.

the roads there are less than accommodating for cyclists and i was determined to find another route. i took smaller streets on my way home, avoiding the direct and main road that leads me to work and was pleasantly surprised by the little shops, small gardens and parks and no traffic that i found at 6 in the afternoon. i think i found a winning route for my new commute to work.

+ my freitag bag fits so nicely in the basket on the back of my bike

i will try to cycle a few days a week to work this summer, since the weather is fine and the exercise is always welcome since im sitting in front of a computer all day long. 

next time i will take my camera. it seems im discovering new faces of budapest all the time.


  1. Anonymous10:04

    Isn't that the best thing about cycling, noticing new things and discovering new faces? Stay safe and enjoy your commute.(Great photo too!)

  2. :) thanks beate!

    your blog definitely inspires me to ride more and the nice weather that's been gracing budapest (which i hope is here to stay all summer long) makes it easy that's for sure!

    i can't believe 70% of brits don't exercise!


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