oryx and crake

it started with a quote:

"i could perhaps like others have astonished you
with strange improbable tales' but I rather chose
to relate plain matter of fact in the simplest
manner and style; because my principle design
was to inform you, and not to amuse you."

jonathan swift, gulliver's travels

and then it continued with another one:

"was there no safety? no learning by heart of
the ways of the world? no guide, no shelter,
but all was miracle and leaping from the
pinnacle of a tower into the air?"

virginia woolf, to the lighthouse

its a story about a snowman and a pair of friends named after extinct animals. its a comment on society and where we're heading. its hilarious and scary at the same time. a humble but all too veritable depiction of the end of the modern world, the transformation of us entering another post-post-post-modernity.

snowman is alone now but he wasn't always that way. he tells the story from then until now and everything that happened in between. a little love and a lot of cell splicing. i think the seattle times says it best, "...her shuddering post-apocalyptic vision of the world... summons up echoes of george orwell, anthony burgess and aldous huxley..."

a book by margaret atwood

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